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ISMS 365 – Effective information security management based on Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 based information security management system provides a structured approach to information security topics, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems. At the same time, there are no additional costs for separate software, as the Microsoft 365 platform is already available in the company and users are used with it.

Isms Mockup SharePoint integration
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Standard-compliant document control

Automation and workflows for versioning, approval, review, assignment and creation of documents
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Monitoring security measures

Our ISMS 365 enables legally compliant, secure and user-friendly management of your data
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Incident Management

Integrated incident management process to improve the detection of IT security incidents and to suggest improvements
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Risk Management

Prevent, detect and respond to attacks and threats – via an Microsoft 365 integrated unified interface
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Compliance Center

Evaluate and monitor security-related settings and enhancements to ensure that your data is always up to date
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Data protection and privacy

Improve the data protection and protect sensitive personal data in your company
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E-learning platform

Train your employees on all IT security related topics and easily create or book individual learning modules
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ISO27001 / BSI / TISAX

Cover many standard requirements of ISO/IEC27001, TISAX, DSGVO, BSI Basic Protection and more with one integrated tool
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isms sharepoint integration

Set our ISMS 365 solution as your control center to successfully improve information security in your company for the long run.

/ Added values

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Integrated ISMS

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ISO 27001, ISO 27701, TISAX

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Seamless integration

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Active security culture

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Integrated system!

ISMS 365 is your all in one management system! Information security management system (ISMS), data protection management system (DSMS) and e-learning in one combined tool. And if you already use Microsoft 365, there are no additional costs for licenses or training. Our ISMS 365 tool is fully integratable with your existing IT environment and is based on combinable Microsoft Azure Services.

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ISO 27001, ISO 27701, TISAX

Benefit from a system for centralized document management, an automated monitoring of validity periods, and increased efficiency in managing compliance requirements for certification preparation and auditing.

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Seamless integration

Our ISMS 365 is based on Microsoft 365 and offers the advantage that the platform is already available in the company and that the users are familiar with it. There are no additional costs for separate solutions and there are breaks as all of the functionalitys are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365.

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Active security culture

Establish an active IT security culture in your company through regular digital trainings for employees, clear security policies, and continuous monitoring of all systems. Our ISMS 365 tool supports you in maintaining an overview.

Marija Stambolieva

“Data Information is an asset of your company that deserves a high level of protection. You can only ensure this protection by living standards and commitment.”

Dr. Marija Stambolieva

LM IT Services AG, Data Strategy & Infosec Consultant

ISMS 365 bundles Microsoft solutions into an IT security center

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