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Academy Services

Our Academy Services support companies and organisations to develop and implement exciting concepts for knowledge transfer and brand positioning. We do not seek to reinvent how the training is delivered, rather elevate it with added value by the consolidation of our service components purposedly. Our individual services are exceptional but they become unexcelled when integrated together. We aim to integrate the passion and experience with knowledge transfer to “burn in” the insights acquired by the participants.

We offer experience-oriented knowledge transfer that ensures indelible learning essential to your business’ success. We understand that your goal is to instigate the passion for enhanced learning within your participants and we can be your perfect ally to achieve that goal. Please contact us.

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The Perfect Academy – Onsite, online or hybrid offerings

We aide you in your development into the perfect academy for your participants. We understand the significance of community in learning. Therefore, we combine sustainable knowledge transfer with a real “sense of community” to create successful learning communities. We determine the optimal combination, custom designed for you, from our areas of training, digital learning, events and marketing.

Modular Service System

We help you in assembling your individual academy by employing our vast service portfolio to provide your participants with the learning experience ideally tailored for them.

Target definition

Event format

Sales & marketing consulting



Content planning

Budget planning

Tool selection

Participant management



Goodies / Campaigns

Budget monitoring



Know-How Transfer


(Live) Support

Event & feedback evaluation

Exams & Awards

Community Management

Our services enable you to get the maximum out of your community

A comprehensive learning experience



The Academy Services extend beyond just digital learning. They are a social place of encounter and exchange. Connected at all levels by a theme or a brand message.
Continuous education

Continuous education

Our clients from all sectors appreciate the opportunity to consistently expand their existing continuing education programmes into Academy Services with us, thus covering all areas of learning on an equal basis.

Your Benefits

Sustainable knowledge transfer with a real “sense of community ” in onsite, online or hybrid offerings.

Optimum use of given resources

✓ Leverage time and money
✓ Personnel costs

Our experience = your benefits

✓ Best practices
✓ References

Our Team – the best choice

✓ Efficient
✓ Competent
✓ Scalalble
✓ Multilingual

Inclusive Academies

✓ Accessibility tools